The A.C.I.D.S Approach to Foiling Villains Plans

One thing that Villains in Costumes dislike is Heroes. It goes without saying. This is especially the case when you have Heroes who are aware of the things they’re doing.

Whether the heroes are in a group or on their own when they come across the villains (Criminals as well as Lawbreakers) as they commit a variety of committing crimes, either violent or otherwise. When they follow the A.C.I.D.S approach it improves the chances of stopping evildoers’ schemes to stop them in their tracks.

A.C.I.D.S Approach to Defending Villains Plans

Evaluate the situation – are people in imminent danger? Does it appear to be a trap? What weapons would the villains be using or might possess? Do you think this is a scenario you can handle on your own or do you need assistance in the form of local law enforcement, for example police.

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Will doing nothing be worse than engaging in a crisis right away. Be aware that the Batman, the superhero from comic books could locate a kidnapped person to the residence of the villain before initiating an emergency plan to rescue the victim.

Contact the police to inform them of the crime taking place. Don’t be smug about the fact that someone else will have. Include the following:
Estimated number of petty criminals.
Any person who has been injured.
There are visible weapons, if they exist.
If the villain is on the move , where is the direction.

Involve yourself – apply the common sense. What are you aiming at intervening? Should calling the police and monitoring the perpetrators until police arrive? It’s a good idea to read about and practice military strategies and tactics when dealing with various situations. For instance: Are you outnumbered? Are you outgunned? Are you able to surprise them and make use of it against your advantages? Do you have the ability to take away the victim and still be successful? Can you utilize the terrain towards your own advantage? How?

Diffuse – This can also be used to disarm or eliminate the situation when needed. Inform them that the police are coming and that their pictures were sent to your support network should they attempt to harm you? Tell them to leave, but ensure that you stay in a group (if you are part of a group)where there is a chance. Do not consider safety threats as an option unless your goal is to save someone else, then it is a judgment call but be aware that injuries or Death is always a possibility.

Safety – Survival – ensure that both you and the victim (if any) are secure. Or make them safe also. Make sure you are safe for yourself You can’t help someone drowning if you are unconscious because you’ve been beaten against rocks. Have first aid packs handy and learn about first aid. Consider moving to a safer spot should you need to, preferring an open area with security cameras or hospital or police station or precinct. If you have to move to another position look for a place that can give you protection against attacks that you could encounter.

It is essential that you’re safe. If you’re planning to be involved in this kind of routine participation, be aware it is dangerous. People have died over the years. And they were all normal people. Perhaps if you’re confronted with a situation where other people are doing the wrong thing this method could be of help.

In light of the above, if you decide to still be active in this activity then the use of a disguise or costume might be the best method to ensure your safety. It is possible to put on colored contact lens to alter the colour of your eyes. You can also wear mask. You can even wear a totally different costume.

This article was proudly composed and published by Andrew McFarland, the creator of Villain Costumes. Andrew McFayden