Blogging – Whats the Point of it All?

Beyond a simple social platform that allows you to publish snippets Find top tips and vent your spleen Everyday, more and more users are discovering the benefits of the blog, blogging is a big business! Blogging has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to implement and start an online business of your own.

The benefit of blogging is that it requires minimum initial expenses and you can create an impressive and committed audience without sitting in an office between 9 and 5, and once you know how to make money from your blog, you can reap the benefits of a large income that will expand even on days when you don’t update your blog. So, where do I begin?

There are numerous ways to get started and create blogs online. Another option is using an open-source platform like WordPress, Blogger, or one of the other free websites that host your blog for you or alternatively , you can set up your own blog using its own name, this is always recommended over making use of one of the sites that are free available to you. Why?

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If you’re planning to start a legitimate business out of blogging, with the aim of making a large income, you want to have full control of your blog, this is not achievable when opting to use one of the free blogs. You will have to adhere to their terms and conditions, which usually makes it difficult to promote your blog in the way you like. It has become apparent over years of blogging for free usage that they hold the ability to take down established blogs at any time and without notice according to their discretion.

That means that all your hard-earned time is now going down the drain …….. not what we want at all! The process of registering yourself a domain and to set up your own web server to host your blog, you will needUSD as opposed to a free website, but the benefits of this choice are far more important than the cons. We are not talking big bucks, $20 minimum buys you full control over your blog. It’s money well spent.

If you’re now ready to move towards the setting up of your blog, it’s time to determine what you want it to appear like. You should choose something that is easy to navigate and read without creating a dull and dreary. You can add your personality to it, make it enjoyable and informative if that’s what you are. If you’re not sure what you want the layout to look like , take inspiration from the thousands of templates available for you to download. You can search for it on Google and find exactly what you are seeking.

Probably the most important question to ask yourself is what you’re going to blog. There are a myriad of options. Blogs range from dull to informative, from weird to dull. They can cover hobbies, celebrities, career paths travel, adventure whatever you want to talk about, there’s an appropriate blog for it. In general, you should blogging about something you can enthuse about and love. This will likely reflect on your blog’s updates. Be sure to let people be loyal readers of your blog posts.

Okay, now that you’ve decided on what you’d like to blog about, you’re now required to start writing and updating the blog’s content. Spend some time looking at some blogs online to help you get an idea of what you want your blog to appear. The length of blog posts differs widely. Some bloggers write just a simple quote, or even a few phrases, while others will write are more formal and write a paragraph or two every time. However, you’ll see better results when you update your blog with something with some substance. just a couple of paragraphs. be aware that you’re looking to build an engaged readership of your blog. General rule of thumb is to go for approximately 400 to 500 words for a decent blog post. Make sure to include plenty of information in the post. On the flip side if you write lengthy blog posts, readers can get lost and lose interest. they are generally after quick solutions to information.

Or, you can adopt the same format that is employed on this blog. Write a brief blog post to entice the reader which then leads into a longer and more thorough article. This method has the additional advantage of highlighting lots of blog posts on the homepage of the website, so that people can then scan through descriptions and brief snippets before selecting the one that will catch their attention.

Remember, all of this information is just an opinion regarding blogging. There are no rules and you are able to structure your blog in the way you choose to. With time and trial, you will eventually find the most comfortable format that is effective and suitable to both you and your readers. Don’ t be afraid to let your character and personality shine through your blog’s posts and updates which will eventually attract a loyal readership of your blog. People are naturally drawn and intrigued by people’s private lives and experiences Therefore, try to reflect this trait alongside the information in your blog posts and updates.

So, you’ve created a blog, its up and up and running, you’re writing regular posts and updates …… do you have anyone reading it? We want people reading your blog as many times as is possible. What’s the point of it all?! How can we make sure it’s reaching as many people as we can? …….

An excellent way to get started is to ensure that you upload your blog to as many social bookmarking websites as you can. Furthermore, join the many social media sites out there now There are many. Also, you should create profiles on each one with a link for your site. Another free channel to generate more traffic to your blog is to write no-cost content for article directories that include the link to your website at the end. A simple method is to create signatures at the bottom of any posts you make to Internet forums and in all the emails you send. These are all forms of traffic generation that are fast, simple and effective and exactly the kind of thing we’re all seeking right? !