Why Idealism Must Be PRAGMATIC?

When, we review, the current issues currently, and compare them to issues that were in the past frequently seemslike very little advancement has been made probably, for a variety of reasons! However, some public officials are reluctant, or, afraid to take – a – stand, probably, due to what they perceive as personal/ agendas on politics, or, self – interest Additionally, we have some well – meaning, individuals, who are far more idealist, who rarely get any work done or achieve anything due to their inability to pursue any kind of meeting of – the – minds to serve the common good, and employing the systematicapproach, in order to get the ball – moving! With this in mind, this piece will attempt to briefly, reflect, study, review, and discuss using the mnemonic approach that this is, and how it makes common sense, and is, indeed, important.

1. Priorities planning/plans, phases, performance planning:Whose priorities are met in the event that those who consider themselves, to be idealists, are unwilling to compromise, in order to start on a timely basis, addressing pressing needs? How do you plan, and how well – evaluated, the planning often, makes a big difference! We must recognize, that, almost always the achievement of goals requires, a mind – setthat will recognize that it must be completed in high-quality each step! The degree and the depth of the preparation is often, directly – related to the performance that is expected, for instance!

2. Reliable, relevant; responsible/ responsive realSeeking the best solutions, to sustainable needs, etc is a sensible approach, etc! The only way to be responsible should beto engage in responsive actions, but, unfortunately the partisan nature of politics often, interferes with that! We should demand that elected officials to provide reliable service and representation, consistently, in a logical, and sustainable manner!

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3. Attitude; ability to act; pay attention and communication:It takes a true positive, positive, able – do, attitude, and a well-developed, aptitude, to deliver the highest quality, essential actions! Great public leaders pay keen focus on the bigger – picture, and articulate the message in search of the meeting of minds, in the interest of the greater good!

4. goals; excellence and goodwill; increase trust:We should elect individuals with goals that emphasize greatness, generating goodwill, and uniting us to serve the greater good!

5. Meaningful; make mark to motivateEvaluate elected officials on their ability to make their mark, for the better, or if they can motivate us towards cooperation and taking on priorities, and doing so with a thorough effective, productive manner!

6. Aspirations; assumptionsWe can all benefit when we elect, by our aspirations rather than making any assumptions that are negative!

7. Timely; time- evaluated; with others, truth and trust:The only way to gain our trust is to tell the truth! We need to come together in a carefully planned, timely manner and take lessons from the past in a tested and time-tested manner!

8. Integrity inspiration; creativity; create:Most would be inspired, by someone, who clearly acts with integrity! If that person had an imaginative mind, and the inner strength, to innovate could go far!

9. Common sense; character; cooperate/ coordinate:Why does it seem there’s not much usage of common sense, by elected officials? If, we elected individuals, with a better, moral character who prioritize cooperation, and were capable of coordinating efforts, we mightactually see some pressing issues, finally, resolved!

It’s great to have idealistic views, but, what good is it, even if you don’t see any results! We must choose idealist individuals, who are also realist, and practical!

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