The Key to True Meaning of Success

In life many people believe that success is dependent on external things such as cars or houses, money and many other things that are external but the reality is that success isn’t based on anything outside of ones self. Success should be measured by one’s contribution and impact on and on the Earth. Many of us have believed the myth for a long time that we need to show people the things that we do and have in order to receive their approval or validation.

In fact, none of that is necessary because who will determine, confirm or judge the inner you? Who will tell you if you got it right or not? Who can jump inside of your vision or dream and say “Yep that’s exactly what you achieved it the exact manner it was described in your dream or vision”? I often remind my clients that the most important thing you cannot make high-jacking of is your dream and visions.

Your dreams and visions will provide you with the road map and path to what can be determined as success. Only you are able to discern what’s in your visions and goals, and in order to determine if you’re successful or not you have to be asking yourself “Did I actually birth what I saw in my dreams and in my visions?” Many of us have vivid thoughts and visions but are afraid of trying to begin the journey of birthing due to the possibility of things going wrong.

I am challenging you to start the process now as you’ll live in regret or pain for not doing it , or the pain of doing it now. No matter what there will be pain , but that doesn’t mean all pain is bad. Do you remember the expression “No Pain, No Gain?” This is indeed true when we experience pain there is an experience that’s there to remind you of the hardships you’ve gone through, and makes you stronger.


When you head to the gym and exercise, there is a level of discomfort or discomfort that’s needed in order to feel confident that you’ve exercised the muscle group you had in mind. Sometimes , you’ll feel sore for a day or two following the workout, yet you return to the gym in order to achieve the results you envisioned. If this is the case for working out and strengthening your physical muscles wouldn’t you believe it applies to all area?

Yes, in order to reach the level of achievement you’ve been sent to achieve, you must keep going back to the physical and mental fitness to check the vision board to see whether you’re working the right muscles groups to see the results of the vision. It’s not a matter of whether other people are able to see the results if you can’t because they aren’t aware of how the vision board will look like.

I repeat this to my students every day, It doesn’t matter what other people say about you but what you think to yourself.” Many people see this phrase and think of it as a connection with something negative , however it applies to the positive aspects of your life too because you have to learn to affirm yourself and ensure that you are saying the important things you should listen to yourself.

I challenge you to put aside the thought of what could go wrong , and instead think about what could go right if you start forming that dream and vision. When you put your focus and energy on the vision and the dream, a stream of intensity and frequency will pull and push you through. If the vision and mission is strong the force will be there to pull you, and when the attention and passion is there it will push you towards success.

Once you understand this, your ultimate success will be waiting for you and the levels of joy, happiness and peace we envision will be there also. There is no need to be apathetic about your abilities and there is no reason to live a life in which you will never have the chance to truly experience the meaning of success and happiness. It’s your birth right therefore, embrace it.

You are not lacking anything at all! You have the ability be a success story which only you can accomplish. Success is built inside of you So dig into yourself and bring that excellence out since it’s yours.

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