Be CAREFUL What You Wish For, Because You Might Get It!

Always take your time, attentive,and fully – consider the things you want, because, you might attain it and you might not be happy with the outcome, implications and more! After, over four decades of giving hundreds of self-development/personal assistance, seminars, training programs and even meetings I’ve come to know that it’s vital to choose your choices and plans with a sense of prudence and with care, based on your personal preferences as well as your goals and your personal goals, not, what others might be looking for or wanting! The problem is that doing this, typically, requires a lot of time, effort, endurance, perseverance, dedication, etc as well as extending the self – imposed limitations of your personal comfort zone, and proceeding with the highest level fo personal excellence, instead of opting to settle for, merely, good – enough, many people opt – for, what they believe to bethe path one of the least resistance instead! With that in mind, this post will attempt tobrief review, think about and review using the mnemonic method the meaning behind this and what it is as well as the reason why it’s important.

1. Character; comfort zone; consider; complete; compelling:Start the introspection, objective and thought-process by conducting a thorough look-up, starting from the neck upwards, in order to determine, your true, quality of character! Look at yourself in a comprehensive manner, and do not allow your comfort zone to get in the way, of well-thought out, timely actions, etc! How compelling, inspiring and, personally, encouraging are your dreams, to your fulfillment and success?

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2. Attitude; focus and action:Proceed, consistently, using a realistic, real positive, positive, able – do, mindset, paying keen attention to all relevant aspects! Be prepared to take personally – wise actions, sooner instead of later!

3. Ramifications responsive/ responsible realist; rationale:Why do you use your basis for reasoning? Is it responsive to your happiness, and is it responsible because it takes into account potential ramifications, and contingencies? Beware of comparing a positive attitude, with, wearing, rose-colored glasses and remain realistic, yet positiveabout your goals, for example!

4. Enhance; excel effort:Avoid believing, the same old, same old is the most effective way, forward, but, rather, consistently, demand your absolute level of personal excellence. What can your efforts enhance your life now and in the long longer term?

5. Future; faithful faces facts; fate:Be faithful to the most superior quality, values and be honest with yourself for a better future! Most of the time your fate, is entirely dependent on – you!

6. Rare or common and useful. Unique; urgent:Fully consider, both the common, as well as uncommon possibilities and decide on the most useful way, to proceed! What are the most urgent issues, and what is the reason? What are your special qualities and characteristics, as well as needs objectives, goals, priorities perceptions, wishes, and desires, and why?

7. Listen, learn and lessons; leading:Effectively take note, listen, and learn from every conversation and experience, and become the best – you – are able to be! These lessonswill tell you the direction you’re taking for yourself in the right direction, and following the best routes, or if there alternatives are more viable, better and alternatives!

Aiming for the best is nice, but it will only make a difference as long as you are cautious aboutwhat you want to happen! It’s entirely up to you to become either your friend in the best way, or your worst enemy!

Richard has run his own businesses as COO, CEO and Director of Development, consultant, professionally managed events, provided advice to thousands, and taught personal development seminarsover four decades. Rich has published three books and thousands of articles.

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